T-shirts... it's a window into the world of graphic design, arts, and fashion. Fashion t-shirts are worn by millions all over the world. The t-shirt is used by many artists and designers to express themselves and promote their work. If you are one of these talented designers or artists, we are looking for YOU!

This is where you can submit your artwork and participate in our exciting concept. Send us an e-mail at with your original designs. Please send jpg files with a full description of your work, along with your name and contact information. Please do not send your artwork for pricing. We will post your design on our PARTICIPATE page for people to look at. After we review the comments, your design may be one of the ones we produce.

So get paid to come up with your best original idea and enter our BE4 Hall of Fame.

1. All artwork must be your own original design.
2. Submit jpgs to fit in the image below.

3. Include your name, e-mail, design name, and comments about your design.
4. If chosen, final artwork should be Vector art at 100%. Instructions on how to upload final files will be sent in a separate e-mail.
5. If selected, you will have a choice of payment options. We'll send you a confidential email with the details.